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EVA: European Virus Archive

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  MERS-CoV (hCoV-EMC) upstream E (upE) assay (screeni

Item Category: Viral Nucleic Acids

Shipping From: Germany (UKB)
In vitro transcribed RNA for new Betacoronavirus virus (hCoV-EMC) real time PCR targeting region upstream of the E gene (upE). Reference: Corman et. al; Eurosurveillance, Volume 17, Issue 39, 27 September 2012
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NOTIFICATION: This item is related to a virus which is classified in the BSL 2 category.

This Viral Nucleic Acid / In Vitro Transcript is stored under Nuclease-Free Water -80C conditions.

  • Availability: In stock
  • Unit Definition: 1 x 100 µl
  • Titre: 1.0e+5 / 1 µl
  • Storage Conditions: Nuclease-Free Water -80C
  • Viral Nucleic Acid Preparation Technique: Cloning of target region (details provided in Certificate of Analysis) in a pCR4 TOPO vector, reamplification with vector specific primers followed by T7-driven in vitro transcription using MEGAscript (Asuragen, Lifetech). RNA was subsequently purified by QIAGEN RNeasy kit.
  • Identification Technique: PCR
  • Shipping From: Germany (UKB)
  • Ref: 1386

Complementary Information about the virus related to the current Item:

  • Virus Family: Coronaviridae
  • Virus Name: Betacoronavirus
  • Strain: -
  • Isolate: -
  • Lineage: Viruses»ssRNA viruses»ssRNA positive-strand viruses, no DNA stage»Nidovirales»Coronaviridae
  • Biosafety Level: 2
  • Host Type: Virus infects during its life cycle a single type of vertebrate host.
  • Related information on ICTVDB >> ref:
  • Taxonomic Information on NCBI Taxonomy >> Taxonomic ID: 694002
  • Morphology: Virions consist of an envelope and a nucleocapsid. Virus capsid is enveloped. Virions are spherical to pleomorphic measuring (60-)120-160(-200) nm in diameter. Surface projections are evenly dispersed, distinctive club-shaped peplomers that are spaced widely apart covering evenly the surface forming a prominent fringe comprised of S proteins responsible for attachment to cells, hemagglutination and membrane fusion and hemagglutinin esterase proteins (HE) which form short projections in some species. Surface projections are composed of different types of proteins. Surface projections are 12-24 nm long. Capsid/nucleocapsid is elongated with helical symmetry. The nucleocapsid is helical and a width of 9 nm, or 11-13 nm.
  • Segmented Genome: NO
  • Nucleic Acid: Thegenome is not segmented and contains a single molecule of linear positive-sense, single-stranded RNA. The complete genome is 27600-31300 nucleotides long. The 5'-end of the genome has a methylated nucleotide cap. The 3'-terminus has a poly (A) tract.
(*)Customers should note that the BSL assigned to each product in the EVA catalogue relates to the national regulation of the supplying institute. Please be aware there will be differing BSL controls from country to country for certain viruses. EVA's responsibility only extends as far as the international border between supplier and recipient. It is the responsibility of the recipient laboratory to confirm to EVA that appropriate BSL facilities and trained personnel will be available to ensure the safe receipt of all viral products supplied from the EVA catalogue.

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