Wuhan coronavirus

Given the epidemiological situation concerning the new coronavirus isolated in Wuhan, China, a simplified and quicker procedure has been put in place for the supply of molecular diagnostics control and viral strains to the scientific community worldwide.

Here is the list of the available products on our website:
  1. Wuhan Coronavirus 2019 E Gene Control
  2. SARS-CoV Frankfurt 1 RNA (Dislaimer: Import permit maybe be needed in your country. If yes, please indicate so in your enquiry).
  3. A bundle of the two above products: Diagnostics controls for Wuhan coronavirus 2019 / 2019-nCoV (Dislaimer: Import permit maybe be needed in your country. If yes, please indicate so in your enquiry).
  4. Coronavirus RNA specificity panel
  5. Primers, Probe and encapsidated RNA pos. control - 2019-nCoV E gene, small packaging
  6. Lyophilized Primers and Probe for RT-PCR in the 2019-nCoV E gene
  7. Human 2019 novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) : BetaCoV/Germany/BavPat1/2020
  8. Human 2019-nCoV : BetaCoV/France/IDF0371/2020
  9. Human 2019-nCoV strain 2019-nCoV/Italy-INMI1
  10. Human 2019-nCoV strain 2019-nCoV/Italy-INMI1 RNA
  11. Human 2019-nCoV RNA
  12. 2019-nCoV E gene stabilized RNA as positive control: shipping at Room Temperature
  13. SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic training
HOW TO RECEIVE FREE OF CHARGE 2019-nCoV diagnostics controls and viral strains:
  1. Add only one 2019-nCoV related product at a time to your cart. Please note that for free of charge demands, only one product at a time should be ordered. If you want to request more than one product, simply place separate orders.

    If you have more than one product in your cart, you won't be able to select the "free of charge option". This procedure is necessary to allow proper evaluation of your demand by our Selection Panel, and for transparency reasons towards the European Commission who will be sponsoring financially your access.

  2. Create an account, or Log on to our portal
  3. Fill in the required billing and shipping information, intended use, and technical description. Please indicate if you need an import permit in case you ordered the SARS RNA control product.
  4. Don’t forget to tick the box for free of charge access
  5. Accept the terms and conditions* (mandatory)
  6. Complete you enquiry
Your enquiry will be forwarded to our Selection Panel that will evaluate your demand based on criteria defined in the European Commission specific provisions for transnational access activities guidelines.

This whole procedure will take less than 24h.

Once your enquiry is accepted, you will be put in contact with our EVA-GOBAL partner from Charité in Berlin or Pasteur Institute Paris to arrange the shipment.

* May we bring your attention to clause 4 and 14 of EVAg Terms and Conditions preventing redistribution of our products, and asking for citation of our organization in any publication resulting from the use of our products

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Comments (4)

  • Varsha Potdar's picture

    I applied online for the above mentioned positive control
    National Institute of virology pune is WHO designated national Influenza centre and worked for public helath important viruses .
    To have countries preparedness in place we required the positive control to set laboratory diagnosis

    Jan 18, 2020
  • Isabelle Thomas's picture

    We would like to order this control free of charge, fir the NIC Belgium in order to perform diagnosis of the new coronavirus

    Jan 20, 2020
  • K.Miyauchi's picture

    Thanks for these comments! Ordering these products is simple - we have described the process on this page under the title: HOW TO RECEIVE FREE OF CHARGE Wuhan coronavirus diagnostics controls.

    This comments section is not regularly monitored, so if you have any urgent questions about the products or the ordering process I would encourage you to contact us through our contact page that is available from the header and the footer menus of this page.


    Jan 23, 2020
  • Romualdo Grande's picture

    Dear collegue,
    I red in the site that the request to send a control free of charge is evaluated in a less of 24 hours, but my request was still outstanding after more of a week. Can you help me to fix the problem?
    Romualdo Grande

    Feb 13, 2020