Cell Host & Microbe

This page lists scientific publications related to the EVAg project that were published in the journal entitled " Cell Host & Microbe ". The default filter is set to "publications for which the research was funded by the EVAg project". You can change this filter to another value by picking a different filter from the drop-down list and clicking on the "Apply" button.

2 publications displayed

Date Namesort descending Authors EVAg
Sep 2017 Interferon-γ-Driven iNOS: A Molecular Pathway to Terminal Shock in Arenavirus Hemorrhagic Fever Remy Melissa M., Sahin Mehmet, Flatz Lukas, Regen Tommy, Xu Lifen, Kreutzfeldt Mario, Fallet Benedict, Doras Camille, Rieger Toni, Bestmann Lukas, Hanisch Uwe-Karsten, Kaufmann Beat A., Merkler Doron, Pinschewer Daniel D. Research funded by EVAg, Published by EVAg partner
Feb 2021 Intranasal vaccination with a lentiviral vector protects against SARS-CoV-2 in preclinical animal models Ku Min-Wen, Bourgine Maryline, Authié Pierre, Lopez Jodie, Nemirov Kirill, Moncoq Fanny, Noirat Amandine, Vesin Benjamin, Nevo Fabien, Blanc Catherine, Souque Philippe, Tabbal Houda, Simon Emeline, Hardy David, Le Dudal Marine, Guinet Françoise, Fiette Laurence, Mouquet Hugo, Anna François, Martin Annette, Escriou Nicolas, Majlessi Laleh, Charneau Pierre Research funded by EVAg, Related to EVAg product, Published by EVAg partner