Journal of Infection

This page lists scientific publications related to the EVAg project that were published in the journal entitled " Journal of Infection ". The default filter is set to "publications for which the research was funded by the EVAg project". You can change this filter to another value by picking a different filter from the drop-down list and clicking on the "Apply" button.

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Date Namesort descending Authors EVAg
Jul 2021 Effective screening strategy against SARS-CoV-2 on self-collected saliva samples in primary school setting: A pilot project Bordi Licia, Parisi Gabriella, Sberna Giuseppe, Amendola Alessandra, Mariani Bruno, Meoni Guido, Orazi Daniela, Bartoletti Pierluigi, Lombardozzi Lorella, Barca Alessandra, Capobianchi Maria Rosaria, D'Alba Fabrizio, Vaia Francesco Research funded by EVAg, Published by EVAg end-user
Apr 2021 In-vitro evaluation of the immunomodulatory effects of Baricitinib: Implication for COVID-19 therapy Petrone Linda, Petruccioli Elisa, Alonzi Tonino, Vanini Valentina, Cuzzi Gilda, Najafi Fard Saeid, Castilletti Concetta, Palmieri Fabrizio, Gualano Gina, Vittozzi Pietro, Nicastri Emanuele, Lepore Luciana, Grifoni Alba, Antinori Andrea, Vergori Alessandra, Ippolito Giuseppe, Cantini Fabrizio, Goletti Delia Research funded by EVAg, Published by EVAg partner