Science Translational Medicine

This page lists scientific publications related to the EVAg project that were published in the journal entitled " Science Translational Medicine ". The default filter is set to "publications for which the research was funded by the EVAg project". You can change this filter to another value by picking a different filter from the drop-down list and clicking on the "Apply" button.

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Date Namesort descending Authors EVAg
May 2021 The neutralizing antibody, LY-CoV555, protects against SARS-CoV-2 infection in nonhuman primates Jones Bryan E., Brown-Augsburger Patricia L., Corbett Kizzmekia S., Westendorf Kathryn, Davies Julian, Cujec Thomas P., Wiethoff Christopher M., Blackbourne Jamie L., Heinz Beverly A., Foster Denisa, Higgs Richard E., Balasubramaniam Deepa, Wang Lingshu, Zhang Yi, Yang Eun Sung, Bidshahri Roza, Kraft Lucas, Hwang Yuri, Žentelis Stefanie, Jepson Kevin R., Goya Rodrigo, Smith Maia A., Collins David W., Hinshaw Samuel J., Tycho Sean A., Pellacani Davide, Xiang Ping, Muthuraman Krithika, Sobhanifar Solmaz, Piper Marissa H., Triana Franz J., Hendle Jorg, Pustilnik Anna, Adams Andrew C., Berens Shawn J., Baric Ralph S., Martinez David R., Cross Robert W., Geisbert Thomas W., Borisevich Viktoriya, Abiona Olubukola, Belli Hayley M., de Vries Maren, Mohamed Adil, Dittmann Meike, Samanovic Marie I., Mulligan Mark J., Goldsmith Jory A., Hsieh Ching-Lin, Johnson Nicole V., Wrapp Daniel, McLellan Jason S., Barnhart Bryan C., Graham Barney S., Mascola John R., Hansen Carl L., Falconer Ester Research funded by EVAg, Published by EVAg end-user