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2 publications displayed

Datesort descending Name Authors EVAg
Apr 2016 The 3.8 A resolution cryo-EM structure of Zika virus Sirohi D., Chen Z., Sun L., Klose T., Pierson T. C., Rossmann M. G., Kuhn R. J. Research funded by EVAg, Published by EVAg end-user
Jan 2019 Metagenomic sequencing at the epicenter of the Nigeria 2018 Lassa fever outbreak Kafetzopoulou L. E., Pullan S. T., Lemey P., Suchard M. A., Ehichioya D. U., Pahlmann M., Thielebein A., Hinzmann J., Oestereich L., Wozniak D. M., Efthymiadis K., Schachten D., Koenig F., Matjeschk J., Lorenzen S., Lumley S., Ighodalo Y., Adomeh D. I., Olokor T., Omomoh E., Omiunu R., Agbukor J., Ebo B., Aiyepada J., Ebhodaghe P., Osiemi B., Ehikhametalor S., Akhilomen P., Airende M., Esumeh R., Muoebonam E., Giwa R., Ekanem A., Igenegbale G., Odigie G., Okonofua G., Enigbe R., Oyakhilome J., Yerumoh E. O., Odia I., Aire C., Okonofua M., Atafo R., Tobin E., Asogun D., Akpede N., Okokhere P. O., Rafiu M. O., Iraoyah K. O., Iruolagbe C. O., Akhideno P., Erameh C., Akpede G., Isibor E., Naidoo D., Hewson R., Hiscox J. A., Vipond R., Carroll M. W., Ihekweazu C., Formenty P., Okogbenin S., Ogbaini-Emovon E., Günther S., Duraffour S. Research funded by EVAg, Published by EVAg partner