Associated Partner, BSL3, Non EU


The Institute is the leading entity within the Scientific Council on Epidemiology, Communicable and Parasite-Born Diseases established by the joint order of the MoH and RAMS to coordinate and provide expertise for research activities in Russia involving epidemiology and infectious pathology.

CRIE is pursuing fruitful cooperation with the WHO, International Centers, foreign institutes and universities.

Within the Institute, the following centers of the RF Ministry of Health are operating: Federal Scientific-and-Methodological Center for AIDS Prevention and Control; Russian centers on: hospital infections, on meningococcal infection and purulent meningitis, on shigelloses, on salmonelloses, on zoonoses, on monitoring of the community status of immunity to preventable infections, the Center for Molecular Diagnosis of Communicable Diseases and the WHO Collaborating Center for Zoonoses.