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Monkeypox virus and other Orthopoxviruses collection

Given the epidemiological situation concerning Monkeypox virus, a simplified and faster procedure has been put in place for the supply of molecular diagnostics control and viral strains to the scientific community worldwide.

Here is the list of the available Monkeypox virus and other Orthopoxviruses related products on our website:

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Virus Products
009V-04789 Monkeypox virus, human, 2022, Germany, strain MPXV/Germany/ 2022/ RKI01, clade IIb
005V-04758 Monkeypox virus, 2022, Slovenia ex Gran Canaria - inactivated virus
004V-04757 Monkeypox 2022 outbreak isolate, Human, United Kingdom ex UK
006V-04754 hMPXV strain Slovakia/SK-BMC-KE1/2022- Slovakia ex Spain isolate
010V-04721 Monkeypox virus MPXV_2022_NL001, Animal Human, 2022, Netherlands, MPXV_2022_NL001
005V-04714 Monkeypox virus, 2022, Slovenia ex Gran Canaria
007V-04471 Vaccinia_WR_33C
009V-04046 Cowpox virus strain HumPad07/1, human isolate
009V-04045 Cowpox virus strain BeaBer04/1, beaver isolate
010V-03359 Cowpox virus isolated from cheetah
010V-03358 Cowpox virus isolated from cheetah
010V-03357 Cowpox virus isolated from cheetah
005V-03317 Monkeypox virus (MPXV UK3 2018)
005V-03316 Monkeypox (MPXV UK2 2018)
005V-03315 Monkeypox (MPXV UK1 2018)
010V-02039 Cowpox virus strain BeaBer04/1, beaver isolate
010V-02038 Cowpox virus strain HumGra07/1, human isolate
010V-01806 Cowpox virus strain HumGri07/1
010V-01805 Cowpox virus strain CatBer07/1
010V-01804 Cowpox virus strain EleGri07/1
010V-01704 Cowpox virus strain HumBer07/1
015V-00838 Cowpox virus isolate BH61/10
015V-00837 Cowpox virus isolate BH31/10uBH48/10, Alpaca
015V-00836 Cowpox virus isolate DK05/15, "Amadeus"
015V-00834 Cowpox virus isolate BH71/10
015V-00833 Cowpox virus strain FM2292
006v-EVA1414 Vaccinia virus WR strain
001v-EVA290 Cowpox Virus strain UVE/CPXV/2009/FR/LP
Nucleic Acid Products
010N-04722 Monkeypox virus MPXV_2022_NL001 DNA
005N-04716 Monkeypox virus (Slovenia ex Gran Canaria) DNA
005N-03336 Monkeypox virus DNA (MPXV UK3 2018)
005N-03335 Monkeypox virus DNA (MPXV UK2 2018)
005N-03334 Monkeypox virus DNA (MPXV UK1 2018)
010N-03230 Cowpox DNA, strain CatBer 07/1
010N-03229 Cowpox DNA, strain HumBer 07/1
010N-03228 Cowpox DNA, strain HumGri 07/1
010N-03227 Cowpox DNA, strain EleGri 07/1
010N-03226 Cowpox DNA, strain BeaBer 04/01
Detection Kit Products
005K-04715 In-house Monkeypox virus slides
001K-04711 Lyophilized Primers and Probe for detection of Orthopoxviruses DNA
001K-04710 Lyophilized Primers and Probe for detection of Monkeypox virus DNA
Bundle Products
001B-04727 Monkeypox detection kit (DNA and molecular systems)
001B-04713 Primers, Probes and target-specific positive controls for Monkeypox virus and Orthopoxviruses detection
Antibody or Hybridoma Products
010A-02031 Murine monoclonal antibody (A3/710), isotype IgG2b, ƙ, reacting with the outermembrane protein A27 of Orthopoxviruses
010A-02030 Murine monoclonal antibody (A1/40), isotype IgG1, ƙ, reacting with the outermembrane protein A27 of Orthopoxviruses

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