Clinical Microbiology and Infection

This page lists scientific publications related to the EVAg project that were published in the journal entitled " Clinical Microbiology and Infection ". The default filter is set to "publications for which the research was funded by the EVAg project". You can change this filter to another value by picking a different filter from the drop-down list and clicking on the "Apply" button.

4 publications displayed

Datesort ascending Name Authors EVAg
Jul 2021 Seroprevalence of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 in Slovenia: results of two rounds of a nationwide population study on a probability-based sample, challenges and lessons learned Poljak Mario, Oštrbenk Valenčak Anja, Štrumbelj Erik, Maver Vodičar Polona, Vehovar Vasja, Resman Rus Katarina, Korva Miša, Knap Nataša, Seme Katja, Petrovec Miroslav, Zupan Blaž, Demšar Janez, Kurdija Slavko, Avšič Županc Tatjana Research funded by EVAg, Related to EVAg product, Published by EVAg partner
Mar 2021 Performance of a novel diagnostic assay for rapid SARS-CoV-2 antigen detection in nasopharynx samples Liotti Flora Marzia, Menchinelli Giulia, Lalle Eleonora, Palucci Ivana, Marchetti Simona, Colavita Francesca, La Sorda Marilena, Sberna Giuseppe, Bordi Licia, Sanguinetti Maurizio, Cattani Paola, Capobianchi Maria Rosaria, Posteraro Brunella Research funded by EVAg, Published by EVAg partner
Mar 2018 Laboratory preparedness and response with a focus on arboviruses in Europe Reusken C.B., Ieven M., Sigfrid L., Eckerle I., Koopmans M. Research funded by EVAg, Published by EVAg partner
Nov 2017 Characterization of antibody response in neuroinvasive infection caused by Toscana virus Pierro A., Ficarelli S., Ayhan N., Morini S., Raumer L., Bartoletti M., Mastroianni A., Prati F., Schivazappa S., Cenni P., Vocale C., Rossini G., Gaibani P., Sambri V., Landini M.P., Lewis R.E., Charrel R.N., Varani S. Research funded by EVAg, Published by EVAg partner