Core Partner, EU


Department of Medical Microbiology, Leiden University Medical Center, is one of the largest Departments of this profile in the Netherlands. It is responsible for diagnostics of virus and bacterial infections of patients admitted to this and other hospitals in the area that is one of the most populous in the country. Department is also involved in the under- and post-graduate teaching, training of medical specialists, and it has a strong research program on bacterial and virus pathogens. One of the directions of the most productive and innovative research concerns virus genomics using bioinformatics methods which was founded by Dr. Alexander E. Gorbalenya when he joined Department in late 2001 (see below). LUMC main contribution to EVAg is expected through coordinating bioinformatics in the project to develop and advance software for genome-based classification of viruses and developing virus classification. This is expected to complement major effort on collecting virus specimens by the consortium. Also advanced virus classification will facilitate the utilization of the accumulated knowledge about new viruses in fundamental and applied research, and it will enrich consortium communication to general public and stake holders.