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The Smorodintsev Research Institute of Influenza of the ministry of healthcare of the Russian Federation (SRII) was founded in March 1967 as the state establishment with the profile to provide targeted investigations in the area of influenza research (influenza epidemiological and laboratory surveillance and control, development of methods for influenza prevention and treatment, design of new influenza vaccines and antiviral drugs, development of new influenza diagnostic reagents). In 1969 the SRII was entrusted with the status of the WHO National Influenza Centre (NIC) which extended SRII participation in international activities and more wide collaboration with WHO and Collaborating Centres on Reference and Research for Influenza in the field of improvement of strain composition for Russian vaccines, standardization of diagnostic reagents and methods, preparedness to a next pandemic.

RII departments intended to perform functions of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Reference and Research for Influenza in Russia and CIS countries are as follows:

  • Laboratory of Molecular Virology and Genetic Engineering
  • Laboratory of Evolutionary Variability of Influenza Viruses
  • Laboratory of Biotechnology of Diagnostic Preparations
  • Laboratory of Influenza and ARD Epidemiology