Core Partner, BSL3, Non EU


The Chumakov Institute of Poliomyelitis and Viral Encephalitides (IPVE) is one of the leading virology institutions in Russia.

The Institute belongs to the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations, formerly to the Academy of Medical Sciences. The Institute situated just outside Moscow is not large with about 200 personnel and specializes on basic and applied virology of polio and enteroviruses, tick-borne viruses, hepatitis viruses and hemorrhagic fevers. The main goal of the Institute is advancing basic science in the relevant fields. Additional tasks include surveillance, vaccine and drug development, disinfectant testing, post-graduate education. Facilities include all standard molecular biology equipment, biosafety block certified for BSL3 viruses, sequencing facility, low-temp storage facility.

The institute is closely involved in international cooperation in all fields of its competence. In particular, there is a long-standing history of cooperation with several other EVAg laboratories. The Institute has a number of working collections of various viruses, field isolates and sera and a constant flow of samples from different sources, which are suitable for virus isolation. Importantly, the Institute has access to samples from a territory from Europe to the Pacific, including Middle Asian countries, which allows participation in global epidemiological studies. The most representative collections are non-polio enteroviruses (ca. 5000 strains), hantavirus strains (ca. 500 virus-containing samples), hepatitis E (ca. 500 virus-containing swine feces), influenza (ca. 50 isolates from birds), tick-borne encephalitis (ca. 100 isolates).

Institute of poliomyelitis has extensive collections of viruses, capacity to collect new samples from human subjects and the environment, to isolate viruses in vitro and in vivo, to identify and study viruses. The Institute also has a long-standing record of scientific cooperation with the EU laboratories, both members of the EVAg consortium and not. Therefore, Chumakov institute has both the capacity and the experience to fulfill duties that lie within the EVAg goals.