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Charité - universitätsmedizin berlin is one of the largest university hospitals in Europe. All of our clinical care, research and teaching is delivered by physicians and researchers of the highest international standard. Charité proudly lays claim to more than half of all German Nobel Prize winners in Physiology or Medicine, including Emil von Behring, Robert Koch, and Paul Ehrlich.

The Institute of Virology at the Medizinische Fakultät (Charité) of the Humboldt-Universität was founded in 1958. It is therefore one of the oldest institutes in the field of German university medicine.

The tasks of the institute include research in general and medical virology, teaching of students of medicine, dentistry, biology and other disciplines as well as clinical virus diagnostics. The teams of the institute have a long-standing expertise in detection of emerging viruses and the ultra-rapid development of diagnostic kits for outbreak response. During the first EVA project, test protocols and PCR controls for MERS-CoV were distributed to over 150 laboratories worldwide and the only test recommended by the WHO for molecular diagnostics of MERS-CoV. This work started within one month after the emergence of MERS-CoV and serves as an example of the expertise of our teams in generating and distributing such molecular tests.

A factor limiting studies into emerging viruses is the frequent lack of virus isolates because many of these viruses cannot be isolated on standard cell lines. Expansion of the cell culture-based work in EVAg will provide a powerful tool to enhance the possibilities of isolating novel and emerging viruses, providing a unique tool to EVAg partners and customers.