Core Partner, Plant viruses, EU

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The Leibniz Institute DSMZ is one of the largest and most diverse biological resource centers worldwide, comprising a collection of more than 79,000 biological resources with more than 35,400 different types of bacteria and fungi as well as human and animal cell lines, plant viruses, antisera and protists. Leibniz Institute DSMZ is the official German Patent Depository according to the Budapest treaty and since 2018 the first resource centre in the European collection registers according to the Nagoya protocol (EU Implementing Regulation 2015/1866).

The entire DSMZ is certified according to ISO 9001, the Plant Virus Department is additionally accredited according to ISO 17034 (reference material production). The DSMZ is regularly involved in the identification of the plant viruses involved in outbreaks. Structurally, the DSMZ is divided into the areas collection, research and service and has its own sequencing unit (Sanger, PacBio, Illumina). With the establishment of the additional Bioinformatics Division, the DSMZ has implemented a modern genome-and transcriptome-based research approach. DSMZ has a total staff of 195 at present. The trans-sectoral research of the DSMZ focuses on diversity and underlying evolutionary mechanisms (genome evolution, population genetics), improved methods for the access and ex situ preservation of biodiversity, and molecular mechanisms of biological interactions (symbioses, mechanisms of disease, cancer). This all makes DSMZ an ideal partner for the new EVA project. In addition to providing a large number of relevant plant virus isolates and derived products, DSMZ will contribute its experience in regulatory affairs, Nagoya protocol and the introduction and establishment of quality standards.