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European Research Infrastructure on Highly Pathogenic Agents AISBL is a pan-European Research Infrastructure from ESFRI roadmap of leading European Biosafety level 4 facilities and national research institutes. It provides a coordinated transnational acces-edge high containment and connecting facilities in order to enhance and accelerate research on risk group 4 and unknown emerging pathogens and contribute to outbreak preparedness of Europe and globally.

ERINHA provides the expertise, capacities, functions, as well as a pool of scientists and trained specialists required to lead or support research studies into human diseases caused by the most highly pathogenic agents, as well as applied research to develop new countermeasures andother interventions against these diseases.

Main tasks in the project per WP:
To examine all national regulations regarding transfer of high risk pathogens and associated products.

This will result in a white paper listing the concerned pathogens and addressing current regulations regarding transfer of high risk pathogens and may be useful in determining EVA-next standard operating procedures (SOPs) regarding high risk pathogen transfer.